Eleonora Hackman





University and Collage:

- Master of Science (in process, due to graduate August 2017) from UC Santa Cruz, from the Games and Playable Media program.

- Master's degree in Informatics from the master program Serious Games, University of Skövde. Awarded 2016.


- Bachelor's degree in Game Design and Project Management, Södertörn University. Awarded 2015.




Additional studies:

- International communication, Kalmar University Collage. Fall semester 2006 and spring semester 2007.

- Music Management, an economy program aimed at the music scene, Kalmar University Collage. Fall semester 2005 and spring semester 2006.

- Pedagogical studies, both A- och B-courses, Lunds University, fall semester 2004 and spring semester 2005.

- Ancient cultures and societies, both A- och B-courses, Lunds University, fall semester 2003 and spring semester 2004.


- Summer semester 2007, Introduction to Law, at Lunds Universitet.

- Summer semester 2005, Theology, at Lunds Universitet.

- Graduated Swedish High School 2003, from Viktor Rydbergs Gymnasium.

- I also attended High School at Burr & Burton Academy in Vermont, USA, 1999-2000.



-Unreal Engine


-Serious games




-Hansoft software







-Git Hub

-Wave Pad


Language skills:

I am fluent in Swedish and English.



Work experiences:


Internship as designer:

An 11 week long internship at the end of my bachelor program, spring 2015. Creating a online course for CoachHuset to teach gamification. I designed the course to be four weeks long, compiled material, did research and created tasks for the students to complete. A pilot test was done and during that time I acted as authority on gamification, setting up examples, giving feedback and encouragement as well as sending out two weekly letters to the participants. The course was also iterated a number of times, even after my graduation.


Reality Breach

Level designer, Quest designer:

Our startup game studio, fall 2012 until fall 2014. We worked on one primary project, dubbed Helios, and two smaller projects.


Nybergsgatans Montessoriförskola

Child care taker at Day care:

October 2008 until June 2011. I started as an assistant to a child with special needs. I worked with children between the ages of 1-2 and 3-5 years. This day care used many of the Montessori techniques.


LÄR Förskola

Child care taker at Day care:

September 2007 until October 2008 and then again August 2011 until September 2012.

I worked with children aged 1-2 years old primarily.


I have also worked summer jobs waitressing at a café, worked with the elderly, worked the cash register and customer service at a bank and worked as a camp councellor at an international camp called LPC. Inquire for more information.



Extra-curricular activities:

The University of Skövde, fall 2015:

Volunteer at both VS-Games and Sweden Game Conference, guiding and greeting guests and speakers.


A collaboration between Kalmar University Collage and The Red Cross, fall 2006:

Co-founded a group that worked with integrating the University students and the international exchange students. We organized lunches and dinners.

Var Glad Spexarna

Club Entertainment committee:

While attending Lund University I took part in three musical productions. I worked both in the Party committee and in the kitchen.

Malmö Nation

Lunch kitchen staff:

Cooking, serving, doing dishes and so on.

Burr & Burton Academy

I played lead in our school's musical production of “Kiss me, Kate”.
















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