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My name is Eleonora, or Ellie for short, and I am currently finishing up my Games and Playable Media Master of Science at the UC Santa Cruz. I also hold a Master's degree

in Serious games within the field of Informatics and a Bachelor’s degree in Game Design and Project Management from Södertörn University, Stockholm.


Turning my love of games into a career just seemed like a great idea, as I like to analyze them, and enjoy creating board game mods, or collaborative smaller games of my own. Getting to create an experience for others to enjoy is really the reason why I do it, though. Building systems that intertwine to create a sense of agency, a personalized experience, something gripping – nothing compares to that!


I try to think in terms of coaching rather than beating my players over the head with the information I want them to have. Guiding with color, shape and using lore in other ways that just dialogue or text, but for example in the ways characters interact with each other – that interests me greatly. Having experience with concepts like Gamification and Serious games I find that it opens up a new way for me to look at my game designer´s toolbox.


During my Bachelor studies I was part of a small team of students that started working on our own side project, dubbed "Helios", affectionatley calling ourselves "Reality Breach". I dedicated two years to this project acting as level designer and quest designer as well as co-founder. Starting a studio was a great learning experience and gave us plenty of insight into both legal aspects as well as the challenges one faces as an entrepreneur.


In school projects I have had various roles, such as scrum master, level designer, puzzle designer, working on narrative aspects and as acting project leader. I have worked in small teams with external clients and during my internship I developed a course teaching gamification online. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to try my hand at so many projects of varying size, some spanning for about 10 weeks and some as short as 2 weeks. This has allowed for testing out theories and genres and gaining experience, and I for one have had a great time doing it.








You can find my Resume Here.


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  • Old Gameboy: Kirby's Dream Land, Tetris, Dragon Slayer.
  • New Gameboy: Super Mario.
  • Old computer games: Super Mario Bros., Bubble Bobble, Final Fantasy, Kings Quest, Grim Fandango, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.
  • Newer computer games: C'thulu saves the World, FEZ, The Elder Scrolls, Portal, Mass Effect, BioShock.
  • Playstation I, II & III: Uncharted, GTA, Assassins Creed, Crash Bandicoot, Pandemonium, The Last of Us.
  • Playstation IIII: Valiant Hearts, and looking forward to Uncharted: A Theif's End.
  • Wii: Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Mario Galaxy 2.
  • Facebook: Candy Crush
  • iPad/iPhone: Monument Valley & Forgotten Shores, The Lost City, Godus, Clash of Clans, Jelly Splash, Zombies, Run!, The walk.
  • Boardgames: Galaxy Trucker, Tokaido, Dead of Winter, Monopoly, Game of Thrones, Dungeon run.

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