Additional projects

Daniels Destiny


The final project before graduating which is currently still being developed. We wished to do something we had not done before and created an exploring survival and crafting game. You play as Daniel, a man who finds himself left in a desert after a collage prank. He has to survive as long as possible, and there is plenty of stuff to kill him out there; hunger, thirst, heat and cold and poisonous creatures. We threw in a lot of crafting and a high score board. This is a roguelike game.


I am working with scrum, sound effects, narrative and feedback, balancing plus co-product owner.



Eleonora Hackman



While running our own game studio along side of school, we worked on this project the longest. Helios is a PvP and PvE, played over servers, in which teams of 4 fight for territory. Narrative and lore was however very present in the gaming experience. In addition to this, we had an additional game mechanic which we felt added much to both the tactical game play and immersion; the manipulation of light.


In this game studio, which we called Reality Breach, I had different roles depending on project; I have been in charge of narrative design and level design and missions design for the most part, but also dealt a bit of balancing and concepting.

Gingerbread Man


In this side scroller the player controls a gingerbread man on his journey. He has to traverse each level, but this is made difficult as the platforms he needs to jump on are only visible for a short period of time in the beginning of each level before becoming invisible. To make it across the levels the gingerbread man can break off parts of himself and throw the crumbs to see where they land. Of course, this can not be done more than a few times. He must also collect a key to open the door at the end of each level.


In this school project I was still studying to be an artist. I created the 3D model of the gingerbread man, and animated him, as well as working on some of the 2D backgrounds.

Board games:

APEX - A school project, in which I was an artist. This game was a post apocalyptic fighting game, where players could either help one another or not. The games monsters had their own movement and fighting rules.


Argo your cargo - A school project I did on my own, where the task was to create a board game working with the x-box camera. I designed the outlines for the game but it was never produced, as that was not the intent. The game is about a cargo ship in spaceand uses QR code cards for events, scanned by the x-box camera and displayed events on TV screen, and moving peices on the board accordingly.


Mods for games, such as Memoir 44



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