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Loud Red

This was one of our longer projects, in which the requirement was that the game had to have sound as its main mechanic. So we created an animal with a horn for a mouth, who moves things by honking and thus solves puzzles by moving objects, listening for things to locate them, avioding dangers by listening for them and the goal is to get out of the abandoned under ground temple he is in.


In this project the designers shared all positions, thus I acted as co-level designer, -puzzle designer, -sound designer, -scrum master and -project owner.


Eleonora Hackman

Curse of the Pharao

This game was the first longer game we created, and we had a lot of fun doing it. It is about an egyptian prince who gets locked in a tomb by his evil brother and as he tries to break out of the pyramid he wakes the mummy, who gives chase. As we all know, pyramids are full of traps and locked doors and maze like corridors, so you better hurry up while keeping your wits about you not to get killed before you can solve the puzzles that unlock the door to the next segment of the pyramid. We added a fun feature which we still love today; the occasional pop up mummy cam, which lets you see what the mummy sees every now and then. It lets you get an idea of where he is, and perhaps you might catch a glimpse of yourself... Run!


On this project I assumed the role of scrum master, puzzle designer and co-level designer and I also worked a bit as an artist.

Legend of Helga

This was a very short project that served to let us practice our programming skills first and foremost, but also have fun with story writing and level design. In the light of current discussions about tropes and such, we descided to play with role reversal in this game, and just have fun with it. And we did. This was a glorious 2D side scroller.


You play as Helga and you are on your way through poisonous thorns, spikes and evil flowers and dangerous yodeling men on cows to find Frans, your beloved, who has disappeared. At the end of the second level you find him in a tower, and he is not very grateful, but more of a diva! After a hilarious conversation Helga leaves him in the tower to make his own breakfast. The end.

Scull Crush

One of our shorter projects, the aim of this school projects was to create a game that was played over a server. In this game you play as two opposing armies. You have spies, archers for ranged combat and soldiers for close combat and a base camp; your Nexus, which is the target of your opponent and vise versa. To make it harder we added fog of war and a monitary reward system plus the ability to compose your own army between rounds. A game consisted of 3, 5 or 7 rounds. It is a 3D birds eye view game.


In this project my primary functions were scrum master and sound designer.

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